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Stainless steel 310 tube

Stainless steel 310 tube


310 stainless steel pipe is an austenitic stainless steel that contains chromium and nickel. It has high weldability and high toughness. The higher ductility of the product makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. Grade 310 stainless steel pipe can operate at high temperatures with less corrosion than other material grades. We are one of the leading manufacturers of 310 Stainless Steel Pipes and we produce these pipes in different types and sizes. These pipes are produced in seamless, resistance welded and electrofusion welded conditions.


SS 310 Seamless Tubing is used in applications requiring lower absolute roughness and higher dimensional accuracy. Our SS 310 welded pipe is suitable for heavy duty welding applications. Pipes can be made in different shapes such as the most common SS 310 round pipe. We also provide square, rectangular and hexagonal tubes according to customers' needs. Our 310 products are used in high temperature service with less sulfur content, mainly gases. Has higher corrosion resistance, but lower strength at high temperatures. Also available for intermittent service.

Stainless steel 310 tube is machinable but has to be done slowly and heavily. This is because the oxide layer that forms on the outside of the material hardens. Therefore, work hardening is a problem that needs to be handled with care. Furnace application is made easy due to the high solderability of the material. It can be welded to furnace components with filler metal and matching electrodes.

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