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Home icon Product icon Stainless Steel Sheet icon 304 304L Stainless Steel Sheet
304 304L Stainless Steel Sheet
304 304L Stainless Steel Sheet
304 304L Stainless Steel Sheet
304 304L Stainless Steel Sheet
304 304L Stainless Steel Sheet
304 304L Stainless Steel Sheet
304 304L Stainless Steel Sheet
304 304L Stainless Steel Sheet
304 304L Stainless Steel Sheet
304 304L Stainless Steel Sheet



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304 304L Stainless Steel Sheet
304 304L Stainless Steel Sheet
304 304L Stainless Steel Sheet
304 304L Stainless Steel Sheet
304 304L Stainless Steel Sheet
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304 304L Stainless Steel Sheet
304 304L Stainless Steel Sheet
304 304L Stainless Steel Sheet
304 304L Stainless Steel Sheet
304 304L Stainless Steel Sheet

304 304L Stainless Steel Sheet

Sheet steels are flat rolled products in coils or cut lengths. They are available in a wide range of tempers, surface finishes, and grades. The most common grade for sheet steel is 304L, which is low carbon austenitic stainless steel. Other popular grades include 316 and 316L, which are higher carbon versions of 304 and 304L respectively.


304 and 304L stainless steels are both austenitic stainless steels, meaning they contain high levels of chromium and nickel. However, these two grades have slightly different compositions. 304 stainless steel contains 18-20% chromium and 8-10% nickel, while 304L stainless steel contains 17-19% chromium and 8-11% nickel.

Product Information

304 304L Stainless Steel Sheet Product Details


Product name Stainless Steel Sheet
Standard ASTM A240/240M , AISI, GB1220 , JIS, DIN17440, EN
Material  201,304,304L, 304H, 316,316L, 316Ti, 321,309s, 310s, 904L, 410,410s, 409L, 420,420J,244,442,205,2507,2304,253MA, 254SMo, 317L, 347H, C-4, C-276, C-22, C-2000, Incoloy800, Incoloy825, Inconel600, Inconel625
Surface Hot rolled (HR), Cold rolled (CR), 2B, 2BA, BA, NO 8´╝îBrushed, Mirror 8K Mirror, Color Coating, Etched ,Anti-fingerprint,Water-Ripple,Perforated,Checkered
Technique Cold Drawn Hot Rolled Forged
Edge Mill edge,Slit edge
Thickness Cold rolled CR: 0.3-8mm;Hot rolled HR is 3-250mm
Application Automotive Trim and Molding;Builders Hardware, Fasteners ,and Furnace Parts;Interior Architectural Trim and Paneling;Kitchen Trim and Equipment;Zippers, Vaults, and Tubing;Tobacco Machinery, Television Cones, and Storage Vessels


Typical differences between 304 and 304L hot and cold rolled descriptions


1.The surface of the cold-rolled sheet has a certain glossiness. It feels smooth, similar to a very common steel cup for drinking water.

2. If the hot rolled plate is not pickled, it is similar to the surface of many ordinary steel plates on the market. The rusty surface is red, and the rustless surface is purple black (scale).

3. The performance advantages of cold-rolled and hot-rolled sheets are:

(1) Higher precision, the thickness difference of cold rolled strip steel shall not exceed 0.01~0.03mm.

(2) The thinnest one can be rolled with 0.001 mm steel strip; Hot rolled to 0.78 mm.

(3) The surface quality is superior, and the cold rolled steel plate can even produce a mirror surface; However, the surface of hot rolled plate has defects such as scale and pitting.

(4) The cold rolled sheet can adjust the tensile strength, stamping performance and other processing properties according to the user's requirements.


Cold rolling and hot rolling are two different rolling technologies. As the name implies, cold rolling is carried out at room temperature under the condition of steel. This steel is very hard. Hot rolling is made of steel at high temperature.




Hot rolled plate Cold rolled sheet
1. Hot rolled plate has low hardness, easy processing and good ductility.
1. Cold rolled sheet has high hardness and processing difficulty, but it is not easy to deform and has high strength.
2. The strength of hot rolled plate is relatively low, and the surface quality is almost poor (low oxidation and finish), but the plasticity is good, which is generally medium thick plate. 
2. Cold rolled sheet: high strength, high hardness, high surface finish, general sheet, can be used for stamping.
3. The mechanical properties of hot-rolled steel plate are far less than those of cold working, followed by forging, but it has better toughness and ductility.
3. Cold rolled steel plate has a certain degree of work hardening and low toughness, but it can reach a good yield ratio. It is used for cold bending spring and other parts. Because the yield point is closer to the tensile strength, there is no danger in the use process. Predictability: when the load exceeds the allowable load, accidents are likely to occur.


304 304L Stainless Steel Sheet Mechanical Property


SS 304  Mechanical Property Standard
Tensile strength σ B (MPa) Conditional yield strength σ0.2 (MPa) Elongation δ5 (%)
≥580 ≥300 ≤43


304 304L Stainless Steel Sheet factory


About slice of stainless steel


slice of stainless is a very versatile material that can be used for almost anything in the home and workplace. It has many qualities such as durability, low maintenance and hygienic properties. This makes it an ideal choice when looking for materials that require minimal upkeep while providing long-term service. Slice of Stainless features 100 percent professional grade stainless steel with customized browning and enhanced features such as CANCEL, DEFROST and REHEAT.


Our company offers a variety of stainless steel products, including sheets, coils, round tubes, square tubes, round bars, and sheet metal fabrication. One of our most popular products is the 304/304L stainless steel sheet.


Made with high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes, our 304/304L stainless steel sheet offers a durable and corrosion-resistant solution for a wide range of applications. This versatile stainless steel alloy is known for its excellent strength, heat resistance, and chemical compatibility, making it ideal for industries such as food processing, chemical processing, and automotive manufacturing.


Our 304/304L stainless steel sheet is available in various thicknesses and sizes, and can be customized to meet the specific needs of our customers. Whether you need a small sheet for a DIY project or a large quantity for industrial applications, we have the expertise and resources to provide you with high-quality stainless steel products at competitive prices.

Stainless Steel U Channel Bar is a versatile and durable product that is used in a variety of applications. It is commonly used in construction, architecture, and engineering projects where strength and durability are essential. 


At our company, we produce high-quality Stainless Steel U Channel Bars that are made from premium grade stainless steel to ensure its strength and longevity. Our products are designed to meet the highest industry standards and are manufactured using advanced technology and techniques.


The U Channel Bar is available in different sizes and thicknesses to meet your specific needs. It is ideal for use in a variety of structural applications and can be easily welded, machined, and drilled.

With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, our company is dedicated to providing the best possible products and services to our clients. Contact us today to learn more about our 304/304L stainless steel sheet and other stainless steel products.

The 304 304L stainless steel alloy contains chromium and nickel, which provide exceptional corrosion resistance to a wide range of environments, including acidic and alkaline conditions. It is also known for its excellent resistance to oxidation and high temperatures.

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